5th March 2017  

Held at the Horowhenua Obedience Dog Training Grounds. Levin

Judge:  Mr Peter Sharp   LEVIN


Puppy DoG

      1st    Shelton Now N Zen    (Jamieson)    Res Best Dog   Puppy In Show  


      2nd    Scattald Royal Flush (Matthews)

Intermediate Dog

       Scattald My Call (Holmes)  Intermediate In Show  


    Limit Dog  
       1st    Eastonia Wayfaring Lad At Scattald (Matthews) Best Dog  Limit In Show   
       2nd    Shelcroft Midnight Vision (Wade)
    NZ Bred Dog
                 1st    Edenmist Clairvoyant (Cummings) 

      2nd   Eyespy Guns A Blazing (Goodman)

     3rd   Ronsa Tri N Reality (Wade)

       Open Dog  

    1st   Eyespy Line Of Fire (Goodman) Open In Show



    2nd   Aust Sup Ch Shatrin Saints Beckon (Bishop)



    Puppy Bitch 

    1st     Eyespy Emeralds A Blazing (Goodman)

    2nd    Scattald Sweet Annie (Holmes)

    Junior Bitch
                  Shelbrae Sip The Bubbly For Me (Hasan)      Junior In Show  
          Intermediate Bitch

Eastonia Simply Magic (Bishop)

           Limit Bitch

        1st    Eyespy Tri N Impress Moi (Goodman)

        2nd     Edenmist Talisman (Cummings)

3rd     Secret Romance Of Aoraki (Wade)

    NZ Bred Bitch

1st    Ch Eastonia Summer Time Magic (Bishop)    Res In Show  - Res Best Bitch - NZ Bred In Show 



           2nd    Ch Eyespy Surrender To Moi (Goodman)

    Veteran Bitch  

1st     Ch Eyespy Look At Moi (Goodman) BEST IN SHOW  Best Bitch - Best Veteran Bitch in Show



         2nd    Riverbernz A Star Is Born (Hasan)

         3rd     Ch Secret Cameo Of Scattald (Holmes)

Open Bitch

1st    Shelbrae So Gosh Im Posh (Hasan)

2nd    Edenmist Casting Shadows (Cummings)

3rd     Meega Amaz N Grace (Wade)

              .... STAKES   Sorry...  NO record kept
                  Blue Merle  
                Best Head
                 Best Coat
                 Best Mover 

Fun stakes were run and Judged by:     Lorelle Goodman ........ sorry !! NO official RECORD was KEPT ? 

But we had some very happy winners .......


Longest Tail                                    
Tallest Sheltie (over 6 months)       
Smallest Sheltie (Over 6 months)    
Happiest Sheltie                             
Noisiest Sheltie                               
Best Groomed Pet                           
Best Trick                                       
Most Obedient                              
Veteran Handler                            
Pre-Veteran Handler                    
Child Handler                                 
Dog Race 1st:  As I can remember it was a bit of a non race but was awarded to Puppy dog Zen !