25th February 2018  

Held at the Titahi Bay Obedience Dog Training Grounds - Porirua.

Judge:  Mrs Sonya Sloan


Baby Puppy DoG  
1st      Johann Beckons of Scattald  -   Holmes
2nd     Shelcroft Knight Star -  Wade

Puppy DoG  
  Eastonia Saint I Aint -  
Best In show, Puppy In Show - Bishop 


Junior DoG  
Shelton Now N Zen - Jamieson

Limit DoG    
  Shelcroft Midnight Vision - Wade  

Veteran DoG  
  Ronsa Tri N Reality - Veteran In Show - Wade  


Open DoG  
Aust Sup Ch & NZ Ch Shatrin Saints Beckon (Imp Aust)  - 
Res In Show & Open In Show - Biship  





Baby Puppy Bitch
  Shelcroft Secret Star -  Baby In Show  -  Wade  


Minor Puppy Bitch
  Edenmist Pagansaint -  Minor In Show -  Cummings  


Junior Bitch
  Ch Scattald Sweet Annie -  Junior In show - Holmes  

Intermediate Bitch
1st   Edenmist Casting Shadows -  
Best Bitch & Intermediate In Show -  Cummings 

2nd   Ch Shelbrae Sip The Bubbly For Me  -  Res Bitch-  Hasan  

Limit Bitch
  Eastonia Summer Breeze  -  Limit In Show -  Bishop  

NZ Bred Bitch
  Ch Eastonia Simply Magic -  NZ Bred In Show  -  Bishop  


Veteran Bitch
  Riverbernnz A Star Is Born -  Hasan  

Open Bitch
1st   Shelbrae So Gosh Im Posh -  Hasan
2nd   Secret Romance Of Aoraki -  Wade


              .... STAKES  
1st Shelton Now N Zen
2nd Riverbernz A Star Is Born
3rd Ch Shelbrae Sip The Bubbly for Me  
Tri Colour
1st Ronsa Tri N Reality
2nd Shelcroft Knight Star
3rd Edenmist Casting Shadows  
Best Head
1st Edenmist Pagensaint
2nd Aus Sup ch & NZ Ch Shatrin Saints Beckon
3rd Ch Shelbrae Sip the Bubbly For Me  
Best Coat
1st Shelton Now N Zen
2nd Aus Sup Ch & NZ Ch Shatrin Saints Beckon
3rd Shelcroft Midnight Vision  
Best Mover
1st Aus Sup Ch & NZ Ch Shatrin Saints Beckon
2nd Ch Scattald Sweet Annie
3rd Edenmist Casting Shadows

Fun stakes were run and Judged by Claire Wade

Longest Tail                                    
Tallest Sheltie (over 6 months)       
Smallest Sheltie (Over 6 months)    
Happiest Sheltie                             
Noisiest Sheltie                               
Best Groomed Pet                           
Best Trick                                       
Most Obedient                              
Veteran Handler                            
Pre-Veteran Handler                    
Child Handler