**  2019  **

Obedience   *****    Agility 

 Jumpers     **    Rally-O





Obedience       Obedience Winner :     ‘Bokmaster Fergus O Carrick CGCG CDXS’ (Fergus) and Jane Kennedy.
                                              Obedience  Runner Up:      'Bellamaine Highland Geordie CGCB'   and  Jan McKenzie.
                                                                                                      ‘Shelcroft Pippi Star JD’ (Pippi) and Elizabeth Roguski.
                         Agility  Winner :    ‘Beaucourt Making Future Trax AD JDX RAB CGCF’ (Trax)  and  Helen Carter.
                                                  Agility Runner Up:  'Sattald Takurua Lad ADXB JDX GD’ (Taku) with Chris Ross.
                                                                                   ‘Shelcroft Pippi Star JD’ (Pippi) with Elizabeth Roguski. 
'Scattald Myst Belle' (Belle) with Edward Holmes. 
                                     'Scattald Going with the Flow' (Floy) with Edward Holmes.
                          Jumpers  Winner :     ‘Scattald Takurua Lad ADXB JDX GD’ (Taku) and Chris Ross.
                              Jumpers Runner Up:   'Shelcroft Pippi Star JD’  (Pippi) and  Elizabeth Roguski.

'Eastonia Willow Song' (WIllow) and Edward Holmes.
                                                                                             'Scattald Myst Belle'   (Belle) and  Edward Holmes. 
  'Beaucourt Making Future Trax AD JDX RAB CGCF’ (Trax)  and Helen Carter. 
'Scattald Going with the Flow' (Floy) and  Edward Holmes.
Ra                    Rally - O  Winner :    ‘Beaucourt Making Future Trax AD JDX RAB CGCF’ (Trax)  and Helen Carter .
Rally -  0                           Runner Up:  'Ag Ch Beaucourt Dare To Frolic ADXG JAS SNS RE GDX CGCF’ (Holly) and  Jane Aukett
Remembering All these great dogs are competing aganst all breeds.
                                      Re 2020 AWADS ...................................

                   Conditions for:       The ‘CSSC Annual Agility, Jumpers, Obedience and Rally-O Awards for 2020’.


                    1.   Any disciplined placing achieved in NZ can be counted towards the Annual CSSC Agility, Jumpers, Obedience and Rally-O Awards.

                    2.      Under CSSC rules as written. To be a finical member. (And rule 10  re conditions on having the trophy.)

                     3.    The dog must be registered with Dogs NZ as a "Shetland Sheepdog" and or Not a cross breed.

                     4.      Dogs eligible must be registered with the Obedience/Agility Points Steward before the end of January 2021.

                    5.       A full list of any placing's for Championship Tests, Ribbon Trials, Open Trial winnings. Plus any of the extra awards that dog achieved.

                            Such as AD & CD trails and Canine Good Citizen. All to be forwarded from the member for that dogs achievements

                                 to the CSSC Ob/Ag points Steward for the  final calculation and verification.

                    6.       If a winning member resides outside the clubs rule 3.1 area. The Trophy will be held for the year by the Ob/Ag points trophy steward.

                   7.       All other conditions that where set for previous years stay the same.