"There is just something about dogs that make you feel good.
You come home, they're thrilled to see you.
They're good for the ego."
Janet Schnellman

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NOTE...for ALL sheltie contestants
              for this year 2017.
SO .... keep ALL your placing’s for the
 2017 year and forward them to Rod at (Rg.JJamieson@xtra.co.nz) in January 2018 to be ratified and tallied.  

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Our club was founded in 1974 and encompasses the lower half of the North Island of New Zealand. We hold one or two Championship Shows during a year, and also an Open Show in conjunction with our AGM. Our members receive a bi-monthly newsletter (Pawprint) and as we have a lot of overseas members, this keeps them in contact with what is happening in New Zealand in the Sheltie scene.


                The clubs TWO 2017 CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWS

                                             Held on Saturday 13th May 2017

Judges: AM Show RAY GRICE (UK)            PM Show DANIELLE DRYBURGH (Aust)                   


                            A decision time for Ray and  Danielle full results will be added here soon!  



CLUB NEWS!!!!!!!      

         The club Now has a 'FACEBOOK' page .... full of members photo's   

                      Facebook link is  'Central Shetland Sheepdog Club New Zealand'


 NEWLY added link with photo's added to the left......
        2017 OPEN SHOW ....  Sunday 5th March 2017   .....
                       Judged by  ....   Peter Sharp  Levin
                    Fun Stakes judged by Lorelle Goodman


Results for the      2016  THREE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW's is at the 

                         LINK TO THE LEFT.........  16th &  17th  April  2016

Show's were in memory of our late Life Member Janet Lusk and Area Representative Shirley Campbell.  
The second show was our 60th Championship Show. 
Judges: Nicole Pearson ( Australia ) - Tomas Rohlin (Denmark ) - Geoff Duffield (United Kingdom). Thankyou to our sponsors EUKANUBA and MASTERPET.
CSSC  OPEN SHOW   held  Sunday 6th March ... 2016
                        RESULTS LINK TO THE LEFT..........

 The latest PAWPRINT cover.....     

             March  /  April  2017  

Sheltie photos from club members for publishing on this site are welcomed.
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